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In the beginning of the 21st century the Hearts & Arrows concept became more popular, and more recently, with the growing demand for Hearts & Arrows Fancy Shaped Diamonds, more Diamond Manufacturers had joined the production of Hearts & Arrows both in Round & Fancy’s.

The growing demand had pushed many diamond manufacturers to quickly fill the gap, thereby creating a vast range of Hearts & Arrows, and ultimately producing a cost effective product that not only ignored Marcel Tolkowsky Ideal Cut Formula, thereby diminishing the Luster, Beauty and Prestige from the Hearts & Arrows Diamonds. It is for this very reason, that the The FireDiamonds Concept was created.

Fire Diamonds Hearts & Arrows

“The FireDiamonds Concept”

Consists of Cutting Diamonds while improving the Brilliance of Diamonds in Various Shapes, Inputting Data not only from the Marcel Tolkowsky Ideal Cut Formula and the Hearts & Arrows Cut Formula (visualizing the effect of perfect symmetry and ideal proportion) but applying Data from Light Performance Analysis and Laser Measuring Technologies, and incorporating this Data into Computer Controlled Diamond Cutting Robotic Arms. Essentially, taking AWAY the Human Error Factor and Creating the:

21st Century Ultimate Hearts & Arrows Ideal Cuts called FireDiamonds
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