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The Hearts & Arrows concept began in Japan, where a businessman named Takanor Tamura introduced to the idea of the Fire Scope, a refractive scope that made the quality of the diamond symmetry visible. In consideration of the fact that there wasn't a 'perfect looking' diamond in the world within his brutally honest scope, he sought to create a company dedicated to cutting these Hearts & Arrows.

Through a series of technological advances, it is possible to make what has become known on the market as super ideal cuts or the ultimate ideal cuts. These ideal cuts display a visual effect of perfect symmetry and ideal proportion that is gemologically referred to as "Hearts & Arrows." In the process of seeking to yield the right cut and maximize the brilliance and value of the stone, substantial carat weight is lost. To prevent an incomplete, misaligned or distorted effect, all of the facets must be perfectly cut, aligned with and matched to each other so that:

Diamonds Hearts & Arrows
Diamonds Hearts & Arrowsa perfectly symmetrical pattern of eight "arrows" emanating from the center are visible from
the top of the stone

Diamonds Hearts & Arrowseight evenly sized and spaced "Hearts" are visible looking through the pavilion
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