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With the evolution of The FireDiamonds Concept

We wanted to take the FireDiamonds Luster, Beauty and Prestige to a new level, and have created the FireDiamonds Jewelry Collection:

Utilizing the Ultimate Jewelry Precision-Set Technology in the market today, the Exclusive FireDiamonds Jewelry Collection,
Combining the Ultimate Ideal Cut Diamonds Concept with Precision- Set Jewelry Technology,
Taking our FireDiamonds, and setting them by Machine with Ultimate Precision.

Giving you the option of participating in designing and creating your desired FireDiamonds Jewelry.

Diamond Precision Jewelry Collection Tubing Technology - Condensing the purest Gold, Platinum or Palladium into a tube creating the strongest and most durable Jewelry avoiding issues like Porosity and inaccurate models done by human errors when Casting Jewelry

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